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Mail Bag - 05

I tried something a little different with today's "Mail Bag!" comic. It seems doing a quick bit of inking as well as some thin base coloring is faster than the scratchy shading I was doing previously. And we get it in color! Can't beat that, eh?

Want to ask a character a question? The ask box is open! A Tumblr account is not required to ask. So, have fun!

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2014-07-23 00:14:14
I love it! Very nice. (Also, hurray for my question being answered!)
2014-07-23 02:52:21
Not so sure the neighbors love it. Great page
2014-07-23 03:14:39
Well, our roosters seem to have a varying view of what constitutes dawn... one of them starts at about 3:45 and sets the others off...
Reese Tora
2014-07-23 03:41:53
This reminds me of a song that I heard at Ren Faire... It's called "Has anyone seen my ****" hmm... on second thought, maybe I shouldn't bring that song up.
2014-07-23 05:30:42
Haha, my rooster was never a good alarm clock, inconsistent little so-and-so. When I woke up before him and made a noise he'd suddenly wake up and flap around and crow as though he was pretending he was awake the whole time :3 Doodle's right about them making great pets, and this page looks great with the base colouring!
2014-07-23 07:29:47
Chooks, HA! Just wait until someone gets a Peacock! The volume increases geometrically not mathematically - squared not doubled. And they don't respect daylight hours either.
2014-07-23 21:29:45
Just wait until a Guinea Fowl detects something amiss and or wakes up. No snooze buttons on those blessed birds.