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Hand me a spoon...

Hey guys. I'm really sorry about having to do this, but we'll be taking the week off due to health issues. This has happened before, so no worries. It's not serious, just painful. Hopefully I can get back to work by mid-week. For now, leaning over to draw is very uncomfortable. And no, it's not PMS.

I'll add the time taken to the Tracker next week. Sorry again for the delay.

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HEX the Dark
2014-04-20 11:14:14
Get well soon, Darc. As you always do. ;)
Dark Elder
2014-04-20 12:37:32
Heal Quickly, Darc. We can wait.
Aurik Marr
2014-04-20 12:55:57
If it is something that takes a week to get over, I don't feel it needs to be added to the tracker. Sick days should be for the common cold and whatnot.
2014-04-20 13:08:59
Be seeing you when you get your health back. Don't do anything painful.
2014-04-20 13:38:54
Hope you feel better soon! It is nice to see ruby again, even though it seems she isn't as pleased. ..
2014-04-20 19:56:21
While great for a source of hammy comic relief, I'd avoid asking the sheriff for medical advice.
2014-04-20 21:11:19
Abdominal pain, of any nature, is Not Fun. The Slacker Tracker needs a third category: "Short-Term Disability". No specific limit, but not to be used lightly.
Iron Ed
2014-04-20 22:26:35
I'll miss you, but wait patiently. Take care of yourself, Darc!
Lady Sionell
2014-04-20 23:15:15
Sorry to hear this, Darc. Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy, and enjoy the time to relax a bit.
2014-04-21 00:22:15
Take care of yourself Darc. we will wait for you as long as you need.
2014-04-21 01:10:45
Take care of yourself.
2014-04-21 03:31:27
Get well soon, Darc!
2014-04-21 10:24:32
Hope you feel better quick and get some much-deserved rest!
2014-04-21 10:36:24
Take care of yourself. We'll be around, never worry about that. Use the week to rest as well and consider it an extra long holiday weekend.
Godel Fishbreath
2014-04-21 12:19:00
Get well soon. Love your work.
2014-04-21 13:55:52
The silver lining to all of this is that we got to see Ruby again.
mike martin
2014-04-21 21:44:20
get better, but if need be call on the queens to help
2014-04-21 22:04:55
A speedy recovery to you, Darc! Take care of what you need to take care of. We'll still be here when you're healthy and happy again!
2014-04-21 23:00:47
Sorry about the pain, but agree with those others who are glad to see Ruby again..., even sore and grouchy! Take care and we'll wait patiently.
2014-04-22 07:44:35
Drink a lot... and get well !
2014-04-22 08:13:54
Quite agree with Aurik Marr. Having to take a WEEK off is not "slacking", should not be added. We have all been there,all understand. Get well soon. Ruby does not ALWAYS know best!
2014-04-23 00:27:12
rest, revitalize and recover Darc