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Merry Christmas!

Hey guys! Matt and I are currently out of town visiting friends and family. With this being the week of Christmas - as well as my efforts to replace the water jug on our cooler last Thursday setting off a bad flareup - I hope you all don't mind me taking a moment to do some non-comic art and to say Merry Christmas!

Want to see the full-sized image? Please click here.

Matt and I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday! We'll see you again next week as we move on into 2015 and... THE FUTURE!

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2014-12-22 00:30:33
Looks beautiful, Darc. Hope you have a nice Christmas.
Iron Ed
2014-12-22 00:50:38
Merry Christmas! to you both, Darc and Matt! Have a fun time off!!! Really nice picture present for us too! Colors and mist work great together, and that lady has one very pretty face!
2014-12-22 02:38:56
Thank you for the absolutely stunning picture. Safe journeys and have fun.