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I mentioned back in December that my dad needed to go in for open heart surgery. After many months of tests, delays, and confusion with the VA, we have a date. Dad will be going in for surgery on the 6th of June. Matt and I will be heading out to the Midwest for at least a week to be with my folks. We just found out Wednesday evening, and haven't finalized plans yet. I'll let everyone know more when I can. Thanks guys!

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2016-05-26 02:00:00 
Look at that stance! Ruby showing Max how it's done - I hope he's taking notes. Also: Partner looks great! Your art continues to amaze and impress.
2016-05-26 10:30:31 
Thanks! Part's a joy to draw. I just love drawing horses. I always have. :D
2016-05-26 12:01:22 
Prayers and best wishes for your dad and family Darc.
2016-05-27 11:05:57 
Thanks. I'll try to keep folks posted on what's happening via Twitter.
2016-05-26 12:35:20 
Nice! Haven't see a good BOOM! in a comic for quite a while.
2016-05-27 11:07:15 
There needs to be more BOOM in comics. And TWACKs. I demand more TWACKs.
2016-05-26 14:20:33 
Thoughts and prayers to your father and your family. I do hope all goes well. Go Ruby and Allen!
2016-05-27 11:09:16 
Thank you. I hope so too. The recovery time is going to annoy my dad though. He'll go bug-nuts hanging around the house for six weeks. :D
2016-05-26 18:22:11 
Wishing the best for your family and that all goes well for your Dad. And this is a great page. Love all the magic effects.
2016-05-27 11:14:04 
Thanks. We're all a little nervous, but glad things are finally moving forward. Thank you about the page. I was having a little too much fun with the magic effects. So much for the whole 'no more shading' thing. ;P
Iron Ed
2016-05-28 00:29:01 
If you're going to break resolutions, at least you're breaking them on something that is "too much fun". :-) Best wishes for you and your family, Darc!
2016-05-27 05:21:54 
Good luck with your dad! I hope the recovery time is speedy! Also... Stand fast, Ruby! This is a gorgeous page~
2016-05-27 11:15:23 
Thank you. Yeah, he's looking at about six weeks of recovery time afterwards, which is going to drive him nuts. Dad doesn't like to sit still for too long. :D Thanks about the page. Heh - to be honest, standing still isn't easy for Ruby either. :D