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Issue 18 - Page 23

You know what they say about folks with big eyes... that they can see all kinds of things.

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2014-04-16 00:18:54
Oh wow! That's quite a nasty smile on Winter. I think it's a smile. Hmmmmm...I'm guessing either Winter doesn't like the idea of a mortal Aspect or she doesn't like the idea of Puck having control over it.
2014-04-16 01:58:01
I have a feeling she doesn't have a problem with there being a mortal aspect. I think you're spot on with the Puck comment though.
2014-04-16 00:25:21
That is a very vengeful smile.
2014-04-16 00:46:03
Yes. Yes it is. But it seems like her focus is on Puck's Pawn.
2014-04-16 05:24:29
Plans within plans.
2014-04-16 07:54:54
The Winter Queen actually smiling? This can't be good for someone!
2014-04-16 09:49:30
You can tell that she doesn't have experience with Spooky and Moraine at this point. I'm not sure if I feel sorrier for Jack Frost or Winter right now.
2014-04-16 13:27:51
Looks Like the Queen decided to take Pucks Pawn
2014-04-16 14:38:39
I think Puck might have been mistaken when he claimed that he would own both Spooky and Moraine. Even if he does, I suspect "owning" them might be like holding a tiger by the tail. You can't let go because of the teeth in the other end and holding on isn't very safe either.