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The gate's been opened and all hell's about to break loose! It's a free-for all as Allen and Ruby attempt to stop the Fey from reaching Moraine, Moraine fights to retain control of the gate, Jacob tries to evacuate DeHarrods, and Max faces Gavin once more.

A Year And a Day

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It's been a few days since the arrival of Roderick's letter, and Moraine is still happy. Allen, on the other hand, can't help thinking about Fredrick's threat. While Moraine and Emily exchange gossip, Allen receives a response from a friend. But is the offer of help in time?

More From Darc:

Hey guys! We’ve reached the end of week nine of the 100 Novels Challenge… and I’ve just finally made my way through Life, the Universe, and Everything.

I’ve been in such a slump lately. For some reason, around this time of year I end up loosing interest in things and feeling, frankly, kind of off. When I stop working on things I find myself either staring off into space… or falling asleep. I have the need to find new inspirations, learn new skills, and hunt down new stimuli yet, at the same time, feel discouraged from doing so. It’s weird and will pass. It always does. In the meantime, I’m flighty and pretty much useless.


I did start So Long and Thanks For All the Fish yesterday. Hopefully this slump will break and we’ll get back on schedule here soon.

Thanks guys and happy reading!

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