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Issue 20 - Page 11

Wait... Tomorrow's August 1st already? Where does the time go?

Here's part II of the spread. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full image.

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2014-07-31 01:27:51
I cannot help but wonder why they are being so helpful in this one instanc. can it be that they are going to call providing this information the boon for spooky? or do they have some sort of deep breathing. Also as I look at it it becomes more evident that Moraine did not choose to become an aspect
2014-07-31 06:49:28
Well, there's a few reasons.
  1. They cannot lie. So anything they say has to be true. (Not complete, just true)
  2. More information leads to Spooky requesting his boon faster. Even if it's info to dissuade him because of the risks.
  3. They are chatty girls.
2014-07-31 05:05:34
Winter's version was horrifying. This? This is GORGEOUS! Wow...
2014-07-31 05:13:25
That's their natures, Siraj. Summer is sweet and shows the beautiful side, all sugar-coated with a pretty bow on top. Winter, as she said, shows the truth, which is often not pretty but always honest.