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Hand a mess? Then work on the new site!

Hey guys. I apologize for the lack of comic today. My hand wouldn't close enough to hold the stylus Thursday. But, I could still type! So instead, I spent the day working on the new site.

We tried going forward with the launch last weekend, but ran into some errors that we needed time to fix. We'll finish going through those over the next day or so, and should be able to launch the site fully by the end of the weekend.

A good portion of Thursday was spent fiddling with the cast page. The trouble with cast pages for an ongoing series is that they require regular upkeep. One thing I'd like to be able to do is go back and draw actual, new images for each character. Many of the cast images are from very old comic pages. Trouble is, it will take time to go through everyone.

Would you all be interested in participating in a little donation drive to get these done and help me cover some bills? Say every $20 we unlock a character's portrait to be redrawn? The new site will allow me to go back and tag each comic with a list of which characters are featured on the page, so I'd like to have a nice cast page for you all. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in helping me with, please let me know and we'll set things up.

One thing with the new site... it will require us all to login in order to comment. But, we will be able to have images next to our names and this should cut back on random comments getting eaten by our spam filter so... it's not a bad thing. I promise.

Thanks guys and sorry again for the delay!

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2016-02-12 00:52:38
Be well dear. Bunners
2016-02-12 01:11:24
Looking forward to the new site! Pictures next to names are awesome. Look after yourself... :(
2016-02-12 05:08:34
Looking forward to the new site. Take care of yourself.
Petrov Neutrino
2016-02-12 06:37:50
Sorry to hear about your hand! Take it easy for a little while. I look forward to the new release and the added features. Definitely interested in the fundraiser!
2016-02-12 08:31:55
Rest the arm, Darc. You know we would rather wait for a new comic than have you in pain.
2016-02-12 12:29:46
Don't push your hand too much. The loyal will always wait for you to heal. :) As for the donations to help, I'd be in for it. Set it up!
2016-02-12 15:42:00
I'd definitely be up for the donation drive! Also, take whatever time you need to heal, Darc!
2016-02-12 18:25:00
Adding the good cheer about the new site, AND yes, I'd be happy to donate to the fund!
2016-02-13 03:03:46
OOOH, New site? New Cast pages? New goodies? COOL! Hand unable tohold the stylus? NOT cool.. take care of yourself and heal, Please? :)