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The gate's been opened and all hell's about to break loose! It's a free-for all as Allen and Ruby attempt to stop the Fey from reaching Moraine, Moraine fights to retain control of the gate, Jacob tries to evacuate DeHarrods, and Max faces Gavin once more.

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It's Allen's afternoon off and he's visiting a friend, hoping for some insight into his current situation. Unfortunately, Fredrick's already made his move. While Moraine and Allen deal with the results of Catherine's decision, the new moon begins to rise. The Hunt is on...

More From Darc:

Hey guys! We’ve reached the end of week twelve of the 100 Novels Challenge. Last week I started volume one of One Thousand and One Nights by Anonymous. I’m currently a little over two hundred pages in and have to admit, it’s kicking my butt. With all the stories inside stories inside stories… I’ve lost track of which links to what.

It doesn’t help that I’m also tempted to set this aside for a bit and pick up another book. The sequel to Amy Stewart’s Girl Waits With Gun came out recently and I picked up a copy last weekend. I’ve been excited for the sequel since I heard about it a few months ago, and now it’s sitting in my room and I can’t read it yet! Noooo! I want to read about Constance’s adventures as a cop now!


I’m not usually intimidated by large books, but this One Thousand and One Nights set has me a little nervous. Even as paperbacks they’re hefty little suckers.

We’ll get through them all. Hopefully I can read a bit more tomorrow evening. Today will be filled with working on this week’s CN:H page.

Thanks guys and happy reading!

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