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A temporary colorless page due to the wrist still being sore and little fiddly areas kicking my wrist's butt. I'll post the finished version as soon as I can, hopefully by this evening. Thanks guys.

And done. Sorry for the delay. I'm still having some tightness from the recent nerve flareup. Things are moving along, I just might be a little slow this week. Thanks for sticking with me.

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2016-10-18 10:37:53 
I'm always in awe with your detailed drawings. Such a great typewriter. Brings me back to the one my family had so many, many years ago. :)
Iron Ed
2016-10-20 21:34:49 
I remember high school typing class. We had a bunch of both manual and electric typewriters. We had to learn to use both! :-)
2016-10-22 18:25:31 
Unfortunately my only experience with typewriters was a large, clunky electric one at the library I used to work for. We only used it to type the spine labels and yet it jammed constantly.
2016-10-22 18:23:03 
Thanks. Luckily I ran across a few typewriter collectors online. They had some lovely photos of their collections. I've never seen a typewriter from before the 1980s.
2016-10-18 20:53:03 
Jeeves has one of those phrases for it, "in media res." Though where on Earth The Morning Post enters into the matter, he's never explained to me.
2016-10-22 18:26:48 
Oh, Bertie...
2016-10-19 05:22:19 
The artwork and story are worth the wait.
2016-10-22 18:27:41 
Thanks. I feel bad about the delays though. Usually flareups go down fairly quickly. This one's taking its sweet time. :P
2016-10-20 07:56:01 
So stoked to have these two in the comic. Why the hell not, I say!
2016-10-22 18:28:04 
Exactly! :D