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Issue 3 - Page 03

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Today I learned that Jeeves' speech is even trickier to write than Bertie's. So if things are a bit off, please cut me some slack. We're all just having fun here.

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Comments [4]:

I love the "Below stairs". A great, and accurate, usage of the term. For those that are confused by the term, think of Downton Abbey or Gosford Park. Above stairs is where the family or in this case the ROYAL family resides. Below stairs is where the servants would work. As for shoving Moraine out the door, I can understand why that might have been a possible option. Allen's job is first and foremost to the Royal Family, this includes protecting their reputation. Since Moraine is only a princess at this point and not the Queen, this potential offense might piss off Moraine but if the Queen heard of it, she would most likely applaud Allen. Of course Moraine may choose to remember it in the future. In the end we know that Allen made the right choice and has become one of Moraine's most trusted servants.
Thanks! I guess out the door would be a better option than out the window. :D
Yep, Jeeves is always hard because he talks sideways. That way he can be both polite and sarcastic at the same time.
It's a useful skill if you have it. Unfortunately it's not one I'm good at. *laughs* This is going to make writing him interesting.