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Issue 3 - Page 06

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Sick. Will finish when I can.

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Comments [12]:

terrific page as usual, particularly the first panel! And I love the fact that Allen calls Jeeves Reg..
Thanks! I'm starting to enjoy drawing cars more. Admittedly, not as much as I enjoy drawing horses, but still...
Neat roadster! Definite 30's look.
Thank you! :D
Awwww... Allen's being all protective without being open about the reason... that's rather touching
Bertie needs all the protection he can get, with that habit of stumbling into trouble that he has. :D
Kell Willsen
You've got Bertie's speech patterns down beautifully. Not to mention his driving!
Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely a case of 'close your eyes and hold onto your seat' driving. :D
Info on werewolves?
Um... are you asking for info on werewolves or do you think that's what Allen's warning Bertie about? I'm not sure.
The new moom is prime hunting time for fey to capture humans to act as servants and warm bodies to fill the tribute requirements that would otherwise take the fey.
Exactly! :D