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Issue 3 - Page 07

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Hey guys! Bertie's off to deal with his Aunt Agatha. Allen, meanwhile, is stuck with Fredrick. Fredrick's a little shit, but so much fun to draw.

The final colored version will go live this evening. I apologize for the delay. The final version took a bit longer than I expected. Mainly because I ended up shading two panels in the wrong direction and had to go back and reshade them. But it's all done now. Thanks for sticking with me! A quick note: starting the week of January 1st, the schedule will be switching to Wednesdays for AYAD, and Fridays for CN:H. Mondays I'll give you a peek inside my sketchbook. Strange things sometimes pop up in there.

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Comments [8]:

Iron Ed
This is SOoooo going to come back and haunt Fredrick. :-)
... Yeah, I still want to see Freddy pitched out a very high window. You draw 'smug rat bastard' SO damn well!
First time comment but I just wanted to know I adore your comics. Right now I'm hoping that Fredrick gets fired at minimum and the Queen just has a pleasant tea with Allen.
As much as Fredrick is a little git, we know that what he did was 'technically' the right thing. A servant's first and primary job, as Allen and his mentor stated, is to protect the one he serves. In this case the Princess life and her reputation. Allen did so by taking Moraine out of the Fey realm by defying her orders, but failed to do so when she visited him in his room. I'm not saying that Allen wasn't in a spot, as he had already defied his Princess once, doing so again very well might have caused him to be sacked, but what it shows is where Allen's loyalties lie. Allen sees the bigger picture, knowing he has seen things that the Queen doesn't know about and that Moraine will have to deal with when she becomes Queen. He wishes to be serving Moraine when that time eventually comes. Concerning Fredrick, he knows nothing of what the Fey are or magic, so he is technically in the right. What makes him a git is HOW he handled it. Rather than take it up with Allen or even the Princess herself, he went directly to the Queen and for the singular purpose of getting rid of Allen in order to take his job. So his mistake is that his reasoning isn't to protect the Princess but out of potential personal gain and that should never be rewarded. Sadly tho, these plays for power within houses were common place. Think Thomas in Downton Abbey. He stole his Lord's dog, Isis to then claim he found him to gain the Lord's favour later. :)
Hmmm..., new moon..., the Wild Hunt..., and Frederick outside puffing on his gasper.... Maybe Allen's problem is going to be solved by an unexpected source?
Readers of the ouevre of E. Phillips Oppenheim (as opposed to P.G. Wodehouse) always know what happens to the perfidious servant. *finger across the throat*
MY issue with Fredrick isn't what he did because that was the right thing. Its why he did not out of duty but to get someone he perceived was in his way. Mr Allen was in a rock and a hard place with Moraine basically having the run of the palace and yet shouldn't of been in his room/
Wonder how high Fredrick will bounce when he's tossed out the door. Maybe we'll be lucky and there will be a Double Decker Bus with an American and his part Egyptian wife fighting some mummies on board coming along just in time for him to get run over.