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Hey guys! I'm so excited to see everyone getting involved in the events currently happening in the story! It makes me feel all giddy! I've been staying out of the comments section in the hopes that I don't sway anyone's thoughts about what might happen or ruin the fun. But I do read every one and they make me so happy! Thank you!

I've recently started seeing a chiropractor again to help relieve the nerve issues in my arm. I had good results with this in the past and so far it seems to be helping again. I stopped going due to our insurance not covering chiro and PT, but the last few years have been rough so... it's time to eat the cost and head back in. The arm's been feeling much better over the last few weeks since beginning the sessions. The cough has finally gone down too. All of which is excellent!

Thanks guys! See you Friday with the next page of CN:H!

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Comments [26]:

Iron Ed
The Queen Mum is sharp. I think she has some idea to make this all right again. Notice the Queen did say "temporarily". Hang it there, Allen! ... I am glad to hear you're doing better, Darc! And that you have some resource for your pain.
Temporary dismissal to save face while giving the storytelling rumormonger rope to hang himself.
Well played, your highness. Gotta admit, I was worried there for a sec. Glad to see you don't act swiftly on hearsay.
One would hope the queen is wise enough to avoid being emotional. Sounds like she's going to shift Allen to another location for a spell while she deals with the rat who's causing problems.
I'm actually not so sure we should be patting the queen on the back just yet here. Another way to take all this is that she views the integrity of the royalties image far more important then the integrity of the trustworthiness of the staff. Is it really wise to keep around people you can't trust, while sending those you can away?
J. Hershaw
The crowns first concern is the populace, which is closely linked with their perception of the royal family. If salacious rumours are spread, the people's trust in the crown can be damaged. Allen has proven his worth, and his loyalty, yet he is in the center of what could become a very nasty scandal. Her Majesty's point of the accuser going directly to the press is quite a serious matter to consider. The ONLY prudent way to play this would be to keep Allen in service to the crown, but remove him from the palace. This would allow the accuser to think that his plan has been successful, and allow him more role to hang himself, as it were, giving the crown a valid, yet seprate, reason to dismiss him. Hopefully under circumstances that would prevent him from speaking with the media. Maybe something that would find him at the center of his own scandal.
I suppose that's one way to go about it. Though is Fredrick really one to be caught in his own scandal? He certainly has quite a bit of ambition, but does he have any true vices that could trigger a scandal?
I'm not so sure we should be patting the queen on the back just yet here. This being taken in another light gives them image that she's more concerned with personal image of the family rather than the trustworthiness of the help. Is it really wise to keep someone like that around while sending away the more trustworthy staff? Hes only going to become more of a problem as they keep him around longer.
Well, he might be "removed" temporarily, but that does not necessarily mean termination of his employment to the crown. He could be re-assigned to one of their other households, outside of London. Scotland, perhaps? Pack an extra blanket for the winters, good fellow.
Adam Pillari
Well played Catherine. Well Played. She sums it up perfectly. 1. Allen clearly just proved his integrity, which is why there was a "temporary" after that "dismissed." 2. She's pretty sure that Freddie is up to she's betting he's going to do something warranting his removal permanently. At which point Allen will probably be welcomed back.
KC Jones.II
Nicely done, your Majesty. What wicked webs that arrogant Frederick weaves, when his plot is thin enough not to entirely deceive. Old Freddy's plans and days are numbered to be sure. Miss Fennaweave's going to have fun with that boy's clipable backside😉😉
KC Jones.II
With Frederick, the old adage about foxes and chicken coops applies. I am glad to hear that you are beiginning to get back on the mends,Darc. If the chance arises again, I'll keep you and Matt's funny bones in stitches.
KC Jones.II
The game is still afoot. Catherine's just getting her chess pieces ready for whatever Frederick lobs at her and her family. At current, she's retiring a knight to see what the bishop is up to(so to speak).
Thinking on old adages. Say Freddy hold this rope.
Dang! Now we know where Mori learned at least a bit of her savviness!
He doesn't even have to be reassigned outside of London. There are many houses that the Royals own inside London. For example if Morraine were to get married before her mother passed, she would get a house. A house would also go to the Queen Mum and any other brothers/sisters of the Queen.
Well played, your Majesty, well played. It will take a little while to set up Frederick's removal in such a way as to keep the family name clear. Like in chess, a sacrifice now to open up opportunities later to achieve your true goals.
I'm actually rather concerned by this. Sure, she isn't blind to the trustworthiness of the source of the information. But... she seems more concerned about the family's public appearances rather than the trustworthiness of the staff she keeps close to the family. Fredrick seems like he would only grow in being a problem as he learns more and gradually whittles away at the moral of the help around the palace. Maybe the queen should take a bit of a shot to the family image rather than allowing that shot to build up to a full fledge uppercut to the glass jaw.
Dynasties that do as you suggest don't last long. Play his game, let him think he's won, and set the proper trap. When the enemy has the advantage, you don't charge straight in, if you can possibly avoid it - you maneuver. Sometimes, that means surrendering the field... and drawing you opponent onto a field of your choosing, where YOU have the advantage. This is definitely one of those times... and judging by his behaviour, I suspect that Allen will certainly agree. Frederick's advantage can be destroyed... it will just take a little finesse.
I don't know. Sounds needlessly complex and taking a gamble that the sacrifices will pay out at make it worth it at the end. Not to mention she hasn't even confirmed this is a long term strategy to give Fredrick just enough rope to hang himself or simply she's just throwing another under the bus hoping Fredrick will keep his mouth shut if he gets what he wants. All that we know for sure right now is that she knows about how questionable an employee Fredrick is, not any plan to deal with him in person. (Note: It isn't like I'm discarding your points, but at the moment there isn't enough for me to be certain either way.)
Old Bear
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Josh.c -- time and a place man, this is not the time to deal with Frederick, but he'll make a mistake and then the time will come. In the meantime he has the upper hand for the moment, and playing directly into that hand is inadvisable. One game royalty knows how to play is the long game. When an opportunity arises to deal with Frederick discreetly, when they have enough blackmail on Frederick to counter his on them for example, then the time comes to make these things right.
Henry K9
I think that she might be setting Freddy boy up!
Crafty bird! Well played, Queen Mum!
Yup. Knew a bad one when she saw one. Used it to prove the value of the good one. And now just needs to feed the bad one enough rope to hang himself with permanently, while keeping the good one off on the sidelines, ready to step back in place as soon as the bad one is dealt with permanently. Very military like. Subordinate gets into disagreement with ranking officer. Ranking officer is an idiot and everyone knows it. Subordinate gets slap on hand, then after a discreet interval for discipline, the idiot ranking officer is quietly transferred and/or discharged. Subordinate has minor black mark on record, but everyone knows what really happened. Word gets around you see.
And to top it off, this is going to come out even better for dear Allen. One: he's about to prove his loyalty in a way that WILL be remembered (even if his temporary dismissal means "reassigned to some really nice and cushy job elsewhere until your accuser is hoist by his own petard"). Two: he's going to be able to expect similar discretion from his royal employers in the future. Their setting is a parallel world, similar to the U.K. in the 1950s... when Alan Turing was chemically castrated for the "crime" of being homosexual (and THAT was considered leniency. "Well, you helped beat the Nazis... so we'll just destroy your genitals instead of locking you up for perversion."). But now? He keeps the Royal family's secrets... they'll keep his. Not to mention they'll be more likely to push for reforms (i.e. decriminalization of homosexuality... remember, this not only predates gay marriage, this predates gay... legality).