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Issue 3 - Page 13

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Talk about a narrow escape... I'll add Agatha to the cast page later today. I've a few other items to take care of first. Agatha, in all her angry glory, is now on the cast page. So angry...

If you'd like to see the sketch without words, please click here.

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Comments [15]:

Skin of your teeth, old chap...
KC Jones.II
More then a few of us have relations that we cannot abide by, Bertie.
KC Jones.II
Know how it goes Bertie. My late dad wanted me, before he passed to marry any girl that would have me and give him grand kids. No was my answer, and it still stands.
My parents have been okay about the no grandkids thing. Which is good. I like kids, but Matt and I would be terrible parents. We're too easily distracted.
KC Jones.II
You have furkids
In the nick of time...!
You know? The Fae may not be that bad of an alternative...
Just wanted to say your "sketches" are just as artistically amazing as your fully-colored, fully shaded pages. In some ways, the black and white look feels almost appropriate in the "historical" context of AYAD. Anyways, point is that I love your art, love your story. Please continue to take care of yourself (guiltfree) so we can all continue to enjoy more of both.
Thank you! Keeping with the sketches only has been helping to keep the pain down these last few weeks. I admit, I'm looking forward to moving the series along faster here in the near future. :D
Fantastic page as ever. Does Aunt Agatha have a specific reason to be mad at Bertie or is this her usual level of discourse?
Bertie's Aunt Agatha considers him to be spineless, brainless, a waste of oxygen and only good for one thing, which is to be married off to a girl of proper social status, father a brood of children, and then be quietly sealed into a barrel and forgotten, as he'll just be in the way otherwise.
VERY apt description of the old battle-axe! Poor Bertie!
Thanks. The blancmange incident likely scuttled her latest marriage plans for Bertie. At this point she's probably running low on available ladies. Not because there's a shortage of women around, it's just that they've all heard of him.
Agree with others keep up with the sketches they are fantastic as others have said