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Issue 3 - Page 22

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Fred is a special fellow. The rest of the Hunt often wonders about him. He seems not quite right at times.

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Comments [30]:

And Jeeves' next line is: "Nopenopenopenopenopenope..."
Iron Ed
Sound like you've developed a knock in your engine, or a flat tire. :-o (-Not- good timing!)
The sound of Jeeves' brain finally cracking under pressure...
... I suddenly have the strangest desire for a plushie of one of the Wild Hunt horses. I don't know why. Maybe it's because the dialogue is AWESOME!
A Fred plushie would be so cute! But then I like skulls.
KC Jones.II
👅Thank goodness that Fred is Fred and not Frank. Because Fred is fun and Frank can be, well ...too frank at times👅
KC Jones.II
Jeeves: Old bean, I can direct you to someone more of your caliber. My employer's Aunt is back a ways from where you chaps found us. I do however must warn that she is quite ...spirited, so to say. Fred: You both are fun for now. But after either we win or you both win, we'd be most pleased to play with her. Wooster: Jeeves, old thing! Have you gone daft?! * thinks a bit * I say, Jeeves what a splendid idea, top drawer.
Frank also takes his job waaaay too seriously.
I have a NEW favorite character.. It's Fred... Fred is awesome... I want a plushie of Fred, too! (PLEASE!?) :D
I'd love to make a plushie of Fred. I doubt I'd be able to afford the cost though. :(
Fred is awesome. And adorable. And somehow still a little terrifying. I love it! Also, the shading on this page is utterly gorgeous! I particularly like the trees and car at the top.
Thank you! My pencils are really hating these night scenes though. ;P
There definitely needs to be a plushie of Fred, that is the most adorable deadly skeletal horse in existence.
Cuddly skeletal death!
Iron Ed
Fred is your wonderful and cheerful friend. He will continue to be your wonderful and cheerful friend even while he is helping to reap your soul. :-)
He loves his job so much!
Must go faster. MUST GO FASTER.
"Objects in mirror are closer than they appear."
Oh no! It ate the mirror!
Fred is such a nice fellow, he loves having his new friends join him in his running! XD
It's always good to have a running buddy. They help keep you motivated.
I was afraid of this... Jeeves is missing in the earlier page where Wooster is looking for Pyrenees, and meets Mercy. I fear the Wild Hunt has taken him; and Michael is still recovering from his last adventure.
Ahh... cancel that. I misremembered the characters...
No worries. :D
This gets more like 'The Wyvern's Spur' every minute... Magnificent page as ever.
Matt's a bad influence on me. :D
Russell Gold
"New Friend" and so cheerful? Is that the original form of Fluffmodeous?
Oh man, now all I'm seeing is Fluffmodeous as the leader of the hunt. *laughs*
Merchant of Pain
New Friend Fred is such a polite and pleasant fellow! He hardly ever screams out threats to his quarry, and certainly never tries to frighten their hearts into bursting. At least, not intentionally. How the could possibly have any kind of a bad reputation is a mystery to all involved.
Jimmy's the one you have to watch out for. He just randomly shows up in your room in the middle of the night and starts trying to get you to join in on a timeshare in Florida.