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Prelude Issue 1 - Page 13
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2011-05-08 15:06:27
I'm really loving how you're twisting together both actual historical events with the magical world here. I'm very impressed by it...I'm still loving your art!
2011-05-09 12:30:02
Thanks! I have a thing for history, so it just ended up getting mixed in. The Prologue's pretty jumpy, I'd never done a comic before this.
2012-01-08 03:10:05
i was on the internet searchin for somethin to read when i stumble upon your story. i had read other comics like this but never have i seen one as well drawn and well put together as this. i do give you the best of luck as you write this comic of yours. - Sam D. 1-08-12
2012-08-20 16:03:56
Came across this at random. Really like it. The art work is lovely and the story has charm