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Issue 11 - Page 17
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2011-12-19 00:59:39
"Call me Ishmael."
2011-12-19 07:34:43
If you really want me to, sure. But I figured you'd want to go by your moniker Pixial...
2011-12-20 10:54:05
Heh. It's all I can recall of that particular quote. I think it's from Captian Ahab, but I'm not sure.
2011-12-21 08:17:55
Actually, it is the opening quote from H. Melville's "Moby Dick".
Carl Foxmarten
2011-12-20 05:44:46
Huh, is that lamp glowing because their next-door neighbour wants to visit soon? =^.~=
2012-07-06 21:31:32
You don't have lights at the front of your home?