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Just a thought here, Mr. Callahan, but when attempting to infiltrate what appears to be a high security event, you would do well to not do things to give away your presence. Like smoking. And you could at least make an attempt to dress similar enough to those "miscreants" that from a distance, no one gives you a second glance.
Not smoke while on a stake out? The very idea! ;D
Hey, it's a valid concern! It is a known fact that smoking lowers your Camo Index.
HEX the Dark
But it raises the coolness up to 20% ;)
Silver Guardian
As the brother of a former smoker, I can say with certainty that that is only true from a distance.
Also one should keep pen and paper in your pocket until it is needed.
A 'British' Agent using contraction's? YOU Sir..... Are Trespassing. Sir, You're trespassing, makes it sound like he's a colonial reject (personal opinions and all, ya know, I was sorta raised Scotimerican, we've our own personal prejudices.
Don't make assumptions, he could be from anywhere in the UK. Not all of them speak BBC Standard. (Actually, most of them don't.)
He might not necessarily be from the UK, even. RCIS doesn't only hire purebred Brits, as is evidenced by the fact that Rubella Pyrenees, who's half-American and was even raised in the States, is an RCSI agent.
Yes, finally caught up! I really like this comic. It's way funny and well thought out. I was kind of humming James Bond while reading this. Love the trench coat! It looks FABULOUS.
Thank you! As for the trench coat, if you're going to be snooping around, you may as well dress for the part, eh? ;D
You'd probably be quite surprised as to how a lot of brits speak actually heheh. After all we got loads of different accents all over the place. :P
Ah...okay this explains a lot about what was going on yesterday! Nice look on the site redesign. I toyed with the notion of redesigning Plague's site once again, but so close on the heels of TOHS's redesign just made my head hurt! LOL!
Thanks! Yeah, it's been chaos around here these last few days. The odd thing is, we've been working on this design for a few months. It just kept getting pushed back for other things. :D