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Issue 15 - Page 09

Specter has a job to do, leaving Max and Roderick alone. Will Max get some answers or will we follow Specter? We'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, I'm currently open for Sketch Cards, Pin-Ups, and Full Background commissions. Please see my commission page for more information.

Comments [9]:

Maybe lacking in tact.... but efficient and decisive, nonetheless.
Tact is for squares... like pants. ;P
Give Hunter an iron bar and tell him to cut loose.
It's time to play everyone's favorite game... Whack a Fey!
you need a "like button" for comments like that. ^_^ lol
Efficient but necessary. If they don't find her soon, she is stuck in the fey realm for all eternity. It's the same situation as emergency surgery. Niceness and philosophizing take a back seat to saving the life.
Tell Matt that there is a small band (yet shrinking (no garys at all) (yet not fast enough)) of rogue agents in a northern port city that continues to fight the sortof ok fight.
Imre Bellic
I love the details in this! Hunter has this "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" expression that's priceless.