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Issue 15 - Page 10

Ah, the Goblin Market... fun for the whole family. If your family has a warped idea of fun, that is.

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Imre Bellic
And the other shoe drops! Hunter is going "You want me to go WHERE and do WHAT?!?". Your art keeps getting better & better Darcy. By the way, that pink Kitty on your work table is awfully cute!
That's Choo Choo Bear from Randy Milholland's Dark-yet-Awesome webomic Something*Positive. (Why, yes; I am a huge fan. Why do you ask?)
I swear, Choo Choo Bear moves around to get in every shot. If I stream tomorrow and find him sitting next to my drawing board, I'm going to be so freaked.
Thank you! *blush* Aw, buck-up Max. At least you'll get to ride around and cause chaos and destruction. That should be fun, right?
We must not look at goblin men, We must not buy their fruits...
Who knows upon what soil they fed, Their hungry thirsty roots...
Imre Bellic
So why not buy canned beans, and get the toots!
"When I eat beans, I sit in my own little cloud. Nobody comes to visit me in my little cloud. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm cuttin' muffins..."
Dizzy the Moth
Goblin Market. I'm not sure if I should geek out over the literature or freak out over the place. Darc, I love you... T_T
Go get them Hunter.
Doesn't Hunter know he's going to get the chance to such MAYHAM yet. Another reason to avoid Goblin Market I'm sure they wouldn't be against a capture and sale of any mortals they catch