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Hey guys! Welcome back! Thank you for putting up with the lack of updates this last month. The break was very helpful, both for our family and myself. We really appreciated it. But for now it's a new year! Time to move forward!

The big news is that a new interlude begins today. We'll be following Specter, Jinx, and Rummy for a bit before finishing up the remainder of Gillian's story. This interlude will run about a month.

The next bit of news is... all the issues are now in color and available for download! I found the original color files of the older issues which was wonderful. This allowed me to post the colors quicker as well as free up time to being working on the side series, which I hope to have ready to begin in April. You can download the CBZ files on the Archive page.

I've also borrowed Amber's Slacker Tracker idea. Hopefully this will help keep me on track and if I do miss any days, give me a better idea of how many.

I'm also debating making Tuesdays and Thursdays "In the Studio" days, where I post pictures of work in progress or talk about things happening behind the scenes. Matt and I need to rework part of the archiving system first so these updates don't interfere with the main archive, but that's something we can do. Does that sound like an interesting idea to you guys?

Thanks again!

Comments [14]:

Aurik Marr
I take it greer and spooky have kept in touch. :D
Okay I LIKE Greer. Adorably cute, totally mercenary and mercantile. >.> Can I keep 'em? Pleeease?
His face looks so adorably fluffy.
Welcome back Greer looks like he's doing well
Greetings! I am glad that your time went well. Congratulations on finding the original files, and thank you! The studio postings sound cool as long as they do not mess with Clickthulu - perhaps a dedicated section? But even new hires typically get two weeks vacation; 7/7 seems a bit low for the whole year. -heh- Greer looks like he has been doing well these last fifty plus years! Welcome back!
Paul G
Everyone is commenting on Greer (and he *is* cute and almost innocent looking), but what caught my eye was the color. Particularly the crystals, and the colored light being cast on the counter top. Beautiful!
Yay, Greer! *hugs him happily* ^_^
I knew we hadn't seen the last of that little devil! Well hopefully he's gotten a bit better at getting his favors :p
Seems like Greer has profited from Spooky's choice. One would hope they profit from it as well?
HEX the Dark
Welcome back. I hope you had nice holidays.
Renee B
Greer is looking good and seems he has done well in the past 50+ years. I also agree with Paul G about the crystals, glass, and the lighting effects on them and their surroundings... Absolutely beautiful, by far the best looking crystals and effects for them that I have seen in any web comic.
Iron Ed
"Healing Wands - Good for what ails ye." LOLOL!! Welcome back, Darc! I'm glad everything worked out well for you! And, yes, I like the "In the Studio" days idea too. I would suggest doing it on a "When time & energy allows" basis though and -not- consider it something that has to be done every week. :-)
choo choo george
Great cover, also love Greer, by the way like your Slacker Tracker really cute, guess we'll be keeping an eye on that!!
Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun with the color on this page. So many bright, semi-transparent things. :D As for the "In the Studio" days, they'd be simple things like shots of work in progress or maybe a video or two - if I can figure out how to get the new camera working. Nothing big or strenuous. It'll still be a few weeks before we get that running.