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Issue 19 - Page 08

Poor Emily... little green men suddenly falling through doorways wasn't mentioned in the job description.

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Hmmm, my question is, what is Mr. Allen reaching for in his coat pocket? Is that the grip of a pistol I see hiding in there?
It would appear so. Though now I'm wondering if there's more to our dear butler than meets the eye. A civilian getting a firearm in Britain tends to have a lot more hassle to through than we do over here in the States.
Who said anything about civilian? This is the queen's estate we're talking about. :P
Quite likely the role of 'Butler' to Royalty in this period of history would be given to someone who can do somewhat more than arrange tea, organise the staff and announce visitors...
Keep in mind this is not modern Britain but rather Britain shortly after the war. A handgun wouldn't be that hard a lot of soldiers kept theirsaying here and there afterwards
Welcome back Darc hope the break helped. Great artwork on this page.. don't stay too long Mr Allen unless you want a permanent change of location and more risks
Allen isn't in the fey realm. We're looking at him through the portal. See how the curtain changes sides when Spooky is looking through vs Allen looking through it.
A fat lot of good a gun would do, in any case.
Three words: Cold Iron Bullets. You think a mortal getting shot sucks? Try getting something that's literally poison to you wrecking your crap.
This is before they had changed their armoury to fight the Fey. The bullets would be lead.
That would depend on what's considered Cold Iron. According to some variations on the myth it's any unworked metal, others have as a specific metal including lead.
Sigh. Every time. :p Sorry Darc, can you clean up my mess? I wonder if I should double this one ironically.
All taken care of.
Bob Cleveland
I can't remember where I read it, but after a while, long time family servants got to the point that the people they served were theirs. Kind of like well loved pets. And the servants were very protective of them.
Add me to the list of people who want to compliment the artist. I am particularly fond of the magical effects and the facial expressions.
Well, like in many shows.. Who's the one person you never want to tick off? The Butler.. He'll make your life a living heck..
HEX the Dark
Somehow I read that as "I'm in trouble again!".
Oh boy. Not only does Spooky have to talk with Moraine under the pressure of Jack chasing him, he has to explain to her why he can't come back. That is not going to help Moraine's feelings on the matter.
Darls Chickens
The Princess is a mouse, Emily is a cat, the fellows are hounds. I'm sure they'll motivate each other to hurry. ;)