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Issue 19 - Page 12

Looks like someone's going to need a manicure after this.

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Seems like Allen is redefining the phrase kill steal. Something tells me Jack's pity has less to do with Empathy and more of the practical thing of being forced to kill a pawn over such a serious matter?
Well, if anyone had doubts about the butler's combat credentials, I think they were just served. Or he's an incredibly lucky shot. I personally doubt that though.
Other than his queen's worry Jack is approaching this like killing a fly. Other than the insect has information that could hurt the queen
I agree, max. British shooting is a whole lot different from American. Just ask the adventurer, Allen Quartimain. American shooting is rekless while the British are more reserved.
Welsh Halfwit
It's not British shooting. It's simply because he's done something a lot of shooters don't do. He AIMED.
HEX the Dark
American follow the rule: let's bring as many bullets in the air as possible, we'll hit something eventually out of sheer probability.
Aurik Marr
Some americans DO aim. We turn them into snipers. Everyone else gets an assault rifle. As a side note, haven't I seen you over in the Precocious comic?
Chakat Firepaw
JSYK: The version of the M16 used by the American military hasn't been an assault rifle for a couple of decades.
Iron Ed
And, it wasn't a very good one way back then either! ;-)
Chakat Firepaw
Ah, a believer in the "M16 sucks' myth. Sorry, but that comes down to troops who weren't properly trained, (i.e. they were actively lied to), using an early version with a long fixed flaw that had been loaded with exactly the wrong kind of ammunition.
Iron Ed
Actually, that comes down from a very good friend of mine who was personally involved in the U.S. Marine Corps comparison test between the different rifles being considered at the same time as the M16. :-)
HEX the Dark
Who, me? I don't think so, I never read that comic.
Actually, I believe the American protocol is more as follows. If you can see him, shoot him. If you can't see him or don't have time to take a careful shot, shoot in his general direction. Even if it doesn't hit him, it may break his concentration and cause him to keep his head down. When available, call in artillery and plaster the whole area. If they really fired as many bullets as they could, they would exhaust their ammunition in under ten minutes, even in semi-automatic mode.
Its not a matter of nationality. Its when they lived look at soldiers in the civil war. Quartermain and civil war soldiers has to make their shots count or spend time reloading and be vunerable
Iron bullets. One wonders why the gun doesn't malfunction in Fey...
From what we've seen, I'd goes its like dirt or water. It's all very fine when it's all around. But it's when it's forced into the workings is when you have problems.
HEX the Dark
Yes, I think it just need some time to sink in. Maybe it happens faster if your device is more complex? (Thinking about the WWII bomb from the beginning). Whatever serves the story. ^^
Allen may not actually be in Fey. He could still be on the mortal side of the gate and shot through it. ODKFS :=3
He was shown stepping through. Weapons work just fine in Fey, it's just that if your target knows you have a weapon, knows you are there, and knows how weapons work he can make them not work with magic. Otherwise ...
Ka-SHATTER! Oh, wait, that's Rip Haywire. Never mind. ;^.^
I imagine Puck being voiced by Jeremy Irons.... and soon breaking into a song about how Puck plans to take over, or something.
Don't you just hate it when you break a nail?
Bob Cleveland
I think it is because Allan did not aim at Jack, but his nails. That plus almost total surprise permitted the hit.
Perhaps Allan was successful because his belief that his gun would work was stronger than those who have failed before him. Maybe he has enchanted his gun without being aware of it.
Why are you guys spelling it as Allan? It's Allen -.-
And once again, the battle-butler prevails
eric bloedow
the earlier comments made me think of an expression from the "rogue warrior" books: "spray and pray". send lots of bullets at the enemy and hope one hits him. effective with automatic weapons, but for pistols you need to aim...and good aim takes practice!
Well makin the gun malfunction only works if they know about it, with that I agree. And as for the civil war thing? They started in Britain. And as I recall most of the American population was still British so there is a difference. And the muskets weren't exactly the most reliable of weapons either. And the whole assault rifle thing? An assault rifle is a semi-auto weapon. Like the m1 garand
Well it can be. It's only called an assault rifle that's what it's being used for.