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Issue 20 - Page 24

And here we are, at the end of Issue 20 and the 'Fairy Tale' arc. If you'd like to download a copy of this issue, the complete cbz is now available. Please feel free to share the file and help introduce others to CN:H. I don't have much funds for advertising, so telling others is a big help!

The end of the issue means I'll be taking a week off before beginning Issue 21. A week's break between issues is a practice I've been trying to establish for a bit now. It gives me some breathing space to gather my thoughts and do covers as well as any last minute prepping. Issue 21 will begin next Tuesday, September 16th.

As for what happens to Allen and Emily... a side series - 'A Year and a Day' - will start Tuesday, September 30th. Set in the 1940's, it'll follow Moraine's attempts to learn how to control her magic. Since I still can't depend on my right hand and wrist to always work properly, this does mean we'll see a change in the scheduling. Tuesdays will be for AYAD while Thursdays and Fridays will be for CN:H. That will still give us three updates a week.

I'll be working on the cover for Issue 21 and the first issue of AYAD this next week as well as a few 'Mail Bag!' comics. If you'd like to see what I'm working on during the next week, please check my Tumblr.

Thanks guys!

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Great page enjoy your break and don't over work
Thanks, Bear. I'll mostly be trying to get some work done. I'm a little behind on a few things. These free weeks are good for catching up.
Congratulations on an excellent story arc! Wow! While it may have run longer than you initially planned, it was certainly very satisfying. And a nice transition to bring it to a close. Wonderful job! Thank you!
Thank you. Yeah, it kind of kept going there, didn't it? I ended up needing to explain things more than I initially planned to. *laughs*
Remember, Darc, if you need extra time for your wrist, TAKE IT. Your health is more importatnt that our updates.
Echoing this so much...
Thanks guys! I'll be just fine. Most of this is cover work and issue prep. The "Mail Bags!" are kind of a hiccup I wasn't planning on, but I'm much too behind on those. August was just a month I'd rather forget. Ugh.
What they said! For a more selfish perspective, your health is more important than delays because, if your health fails, the comic stops permanently...
Great shadows on Spooky's face. I took be a minute to remember what the headaches and dizziness thing was all about. Wasn't that first brought up 4 or 5 issues ago?
Thanks. Yeah, it came up when Roderick first met Max. I'm hoping by dropping references back to earlier issues now and then it'll encourage folks to go back and reread a bit. What can I say, I'm a vain little thing now and then. ;P
Great story! Thanks for bringing the world of CNH to us!
Thank you for sticking with me!
20 issues in the bag. Wow. I remember you saying a little while ago you had it mapped out to about 25 issues, I wonder if this is still the plan with all the interludes? Either way I've been hooked for many years and will be here until this ends or you throw in the towel. Thank you so much Darc and Matt for this wonderful story. I showed it to my nephew while we were on vacation last week and he sent me an email saying he had read all the way up to current and he is loving it. Max is his favourite character by far. He wanted me to tell him secretly how it will end and I had to disappoint him by saying I do not know. I guess he figured since I knew about this secret comic I must have some inside info! He is 13 by the way. :)
No, I'm afraid it's gotten a little longer since then. If I find there's some confusion or interest in something I've been trying to fill that bit of the story out more. Which has been adding to the overall number of issues. Awesome! I think Max is my favorite too, with Moraine coming in a close second. Thank you!
Grand end to the story. I like Hunters look of trepidation as he moves to follow Spooky.
Thanks. I'd be worried about following Spooky too. Who knows what he has in mind.
Wonderful story, Darc! Also, hope I don't sound silly, but I love the look of Spooky's bracers. I do leather-work and had thought it was a vambrace until I looked back and saw he hand them on both arms.
Thank you. I saw a few images of folks with them on both arms when I was poking through references for clothing ideas, and I liked the look. Though sometimes I have a hard time remembering to add them in.
I hope you don't think I'm taking away anything from your previous efforts when I say that I think that 'Fairy Tale' has been your best arc yet, both from an art and a storytelling perspective. Some truly amazing pages and a properly moving climax. On Fire!
AHH! I'M ON FIRE! Thanks. I wish it hadn't taken as long as it did, but it was an interesting challenge. I've been trying to push things a bit so I can practice some of the writing and art stuff I've been reading through. Without art classes this is the best method I have for learning. :D
Iron Ed
Great ending to this arc, Darc! And on this page I particularly like Spooky in the inset panel, and Sue in the big one. (All are good, I just particularly like those. :-)) Have a great week off, Darc. Personally I think you deserve the time completely to yourself; not doing behind the scenes work for us.
Thanks, Iron Ed. While time off sounds nice, I've a bit too much to get done this week. Though I did take yesterday afternoon to finish reading a book. That was nice. But mostly this week is for working up cover ideas and trying to catch up a bit on the "Mail Bag!" comics. I should really put those on a release schedule.
To be honest, there were some parts of "Fairy Tale" that I feel went on for longer than they should have (though I should note there was only one part where I went "oh my god, get on with it already!"), but overall it worked out quite nicely. Honestly, aside from that, my only real problem with it in the end was that it happened in the middle of another story-arc; in hindsight that probably contributed to my frustration. I could think of another places in the story to put it, but that's getting into "this is what I would've done" territory. :P All in all, though, this was an arc well done, and I look forward to seeing how the story develops - both the current one and "A Year and a Day".
Thank you. I'm sorry that it seemed to drag in areas. To be honest, I felt the same way at times. Matt can verify that I spent a lot of the last few months griping about this. It seemed a number of folks were missing some of the key points. So, I felt I had to slow things down in order to give folks enough time to notice what was actually happening. Unfortunately, the end result was it did lead to some drag. I've never written a story quite like this arc before, so it was a learning experience. But the only way we learn is to try and stretch beyond our current abilities. Even if we flounder occasionally as a result. As for it happening now instead of another time... there's a reason for that. Ah, I'm not going to tell what. A gal's got to have some secrets after all. ;D
Grumpy Old Bear
How can it drag? Except at your end? It is ART. And the more the better, the quality is never skimped. Longer story = more pictures = happy us. There is another online graphic novel that updates at random times and seems weeks between. You are take care of your self - we will wait with baited breath for each panel.
Comics all forms of story telling have this potential issue losing your audience. Too fast details are lost, too slow and people lose interest. Then there is limits of the medium
Grumpy Old Bear
I can't resist- Medium is so bland, on the other hand, mooing and licking or burnt hock puck is extreme.