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Issue 21 Cover

Hey guys! Free Week is over, which means it's time to kick off Issue 21!

Here's the synopsis for this issue...

Nyx has been located and the rescue team is on its way. Meanwhile, we check in on a few familiar faces as Moraine discusses magic with the young prince and Ruby decides to search for Max.

There's also a new "Mail Bag!" available. Please see the sidebar to your left for the latest one. Starting the week of September 30th, there will be a new "Mail Bag!" each Wednesday. That means after September 30th, Tuesdays will be for AYAD, Wednesdays for "Mail Bag!" comics, and Thursdays / Fridays for CN:H!

I was going to start the Wednesday updates this week, but we've been painting this weekend and I'm apparently allergic to room paint. With us wanting to get at least one more room done in the next few weeks, I decided waiting a bit before adding the extra update might be a good idea. This will give me time to get a few squirreled away in case the fumes manage to take me down. When did this stuff get so pungent and nauseating?

If you enjoy what I do, please help me out by spreading the word to others. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks guys!

Comments [10]:

Neat cover wondered when we were going to see the prince again
The meeting that I am looking forward to is the one between the young prince and Lady Gadel al'Gera
oh, now this is pretty...
There are some environmentally-friendly paints that do not have the paint odor, designed for people with allergies like yourself. It might do you some good to search online for them.
That carpet... holy details batman!
Darc is dedicated to the comic.
At first I asked myself, "why does that teddy bear have dreadlocks?" And then I noticed the tail. It's a lion, isn't it?
Whoa, awesome cover! And from a top-down perspective too,. And yeah, that carpet is pretty awesome as well.
Great to see the final image. Certainly worth all the hard work. The price seems a little shaken by his own abilities, doesn't he? Also, a big shout out for the mail bag image, some lovely effects there.
Yer a Wizard, Harry! Uhm... I mean... Max. That was totally what I meant all along.