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Issue 21 - Page 01

Jinx: "He's acting as bait?"

Max: "I get to destroy things?"

It's all in how you look at it. All I know is, I got to draw horses. It's always a good time when there are horsies.

edit: I realized late last night that I'd left the highlights off of Jinx's hair. Had to fix that this morning. Trouble is, that little bit of touch-up was... problematic. We may have the sketch only for tomorrow's update with the finished version coming after I can, hopefully, get the wrist and shoulder readjusted this weekend. I'm hoping that won't be the case, but we'll have to see.

If you enjoy what I do, please help me out by spreading the word to others. Or, maybe, leave a comment. I'd really appreciate the encouragement. Thanks guys!

Comments [10]:

Max does his job and things get demolished.
-heh- Nothing says "distraction" like a blood oath with a high ranking (but currently disgraced) member of the Winter Court.
This will not end well.
I see chaos and mayhem in the near future.
Fey is damn purdy...
choo choo george
Darc, you need encouragement? CN:H IS one of the best webcomics among a few that has a really terrific story with totally wonderful characters and it's just so terrifically and beautifully drawn. Thanks for your work on this and remember not to stress yourself out.
Seconded. CN:H is definitely one of the top furry comics out there. You do an outstanding job, with an incredible attention to detail.
All artists need encouragement. It's one of the things that keeps artists going (along with ramen, caffiene and money). Best of all, everyone can give it for free! So you should encourage artists as much as possible!
I love the way you draw horses! So pretty.
Be encouraged, dang it! I second the motion that CN:H is right up there as comics go. Not 100% sure that it beats some of the longest running gag a day strips, but the story here is fantastic and the artwork likewise. Maybe we could borrow amber's encouragement bat...