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Issue 24 - Page 06

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Using too much power at once can have consequences.

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Comments [7]:

Impressive page. Not exactly the reason I thought I thought it was a matter of energy since magic uses life energy
not to nit pick, but in the last pannel; " mended together properly." should be "mend properly" shouldnt it? love the work and detail as always.
Oh I'm in love with the color palette here!
Wow, that looks fantastic. And now we know why Robert needs the stick.
This completely makes sense. The body is a very complex machine. You can put a patch over or sew up a gash very quickly. Piecing together a muscle or resetting a bone takes a bit more time and you need somehow to ensure you put the bone back straight. Also, Moraine was still young here, so still inexperienced. A bit of frost bite, easy! Putting back together bone and sinew when she is in a panic to save not just his life but potentially other lives, things can happen it seems. Great page, Darc!
I love the intensity of this page! The posing of Moraine and Robert is amazing, particularly Robert's injured sprawl across the floor. The dark colors and the spacing of the speech bubbles on the left are fantastic as well. They're so simple but do such a great job of conveying the emotions of the memory.
Panicky healing can be as bad as if the wound had been left...