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Issue 24 - Page 09

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Hey guys! We're back with Max and Ruby at their home. Leystone's a fairly small community where most folks know each other. They don't always get along, but they know each other. Neighbors tend to drop off food whenever they hear anyone is sick or injured or if there's a death in the family. Mercy, apparently, has taken it on herself to bring it all inside. It's not polite to leave it waiting on the stoop after all.

Tight spaces and my hand don't play well together. Thanks for sticking with me!

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Comments [13]:

Let's see, some tubs possibly with casseroles, a cake, possibly soup, loafs and rolls of bread, a tin of fancy cookies, some spirits... A wedge of cheese with a cherry on top? Well it looks like Hunter is fairly appreciated in the neighborhood of Leystone. But more importantly where Mercy now?
Well, looks like they won't go hungry for a while. Ruby! Call your relatives!
Ah, the horrors that Max's mind is playing for him now.
The little details like the frosted glass on the door. No need for it but Darc puts it in there cause she can! :) :) :)
KC Jones.II
Oh mercy, Mercy's at it again. Come on Max and please don't be a poophead, you've two nice ladies working for love doctor Cupid.
i just noticed the cake that is emitting hearts. Does this bode well?
KC Jones.II
Who knows? Inquiring minds like our's will have to wait until next page😎
Darc suggested we not tell Max that Mercy really doesn't need a key to come in if she wants, because it might break poor Max's brain at the moment. So shhhh.
Neither is wearing the collar? Isn't that a bit daring after just icing one of the fae?
It is something of a covert organization, wearing the collar when not 'on duty' is probably going to provoke questions. Not to mention that since they just came from the hospital, it's unlikely that Max would have had one on his person. Ruby could have brought them, but again, because they were headed home, not to the office, any neighbor might have just popped over for a visit, and started asking questions.
Well, I think Max is in for a fun few weeks of recovery. Mercy is probably going to want to play nurse-maid just to get him riled up.
If i remember correctly, the Prince has Max's collar. Best wishes and fair skies Darc.
Impressive page as others have said the details in the page are impressive. Max doesn't seem too thrilled that Mercy has a key.