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Issue 24 - Page 12

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What's this...? Another Pyrenees? There's no escaping them!

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Comments [16]:

KC Jones.II
Uh, oh. Young sir snuck a piece of love surprise cake. It'll be humorous to see which lady he falls for. Only a humble observance.
It could be that the cake amplifies your emotions for someone you're already interested in. By that logic, it could take the prince's hero worship for Hunter and distort it into something . . .
Matti, you little sneak!
I got a BAD feeling about this.. Mercy? Please tell me that it'll wear off, eventually???
Incoming Princeling crush on Ruby in 3… 2… 1…
Or even more amusing... what if the prince fixates on Mercy? O^O!
I'm thinking Gaedel...I can imagine that she would be less than amused, and yet, as they are both representatives of their countries...
Second that!
Well the good news is they have a Fey (who created the cake) and a full time Mage. If they can't reverse the effects, they can at least "contain" him until it wears off. Might not be ideal and there might be some interesting happenings ... :) I think what I love about this is this is the future King and he's stealing a piece of cake rather than asking for a piece like the kid he is. :)
HEX the Dark
Okay, Prince Baddecisions aside... is there any place in the world where Ruby has no relatives? o.O
Still..., was it actually Matti? That cake knife seems to be coming at an angle more suited to a taller person and that's an awfully neat slice for a hungry little kid to have cut.
He probably asked Mr. Allen to get him a slice.
Good thought..., especially considering Matti's been brought up in the royal household and probably has better manners than the average young mouse. We'll find out!
They had a similar incident, minus the magic, happen in the Barrayayar series. The young emperor (5 years old) snuck into a wedding reception (his nursemaid / bodyguard) for some cake. No ill effects.