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Issue 24 - Page 18

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Meet Beaky! This little guy's been waiting in the wings for years now. Unlike cats, owlgriffs don't always land on their feet. As to why Winter's offering retribution for Nyx when Summer is responsible for her being dragged into Fey... we'll learn that next week.

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Comments [16]:

I don't think I could, if i were in Her Majesty's shoes, accept a creature who had nothing to do with it dying just because of my agent no matter how valuable the agent. I appreciation, even in fiction, the sacrifice leaders like her have to make.
No worries, Beaky's not dead or dying. He's just clumsy.
that does make me feel better.
... Oh my goodness, I want to cuddle him and snuggle him and feed him live voles
I guess comments for a previous comic are locked when a new one's posted? I found the following which may also explain the taking of Nyx:
Aaaaaagh! What a cutie-patootie! He'll be an absolute TREASURE around the palace!
Considering that Her Majesty and cohorts are trying to keep the supernatural as much under wraps as possible, (because publicity makes the Fae stronger) I doubt that Beaky won't be staying at the palace. Reporters school around that place like piranhas sniffing blood. Would a pet help Nyx's state of mind?
Ooo, an owl-griffon!
What a cute and interesting creature! If nothing else, I am sure one of the RCSI mages would appreciate a familiar. And perhaps Beaky can be of assistance to the mind-damaged agent, in some way? Like a therapy dog or seeing eye dog could be? All in all, it's a better offer than I expected from the Fey.
Oh sweet fur and feathers, that little smiling ball of fluff is adorable! 8> Owl-griffs are the best griffs.
Maybe Mercy would like a pet! Then they would be Beaky and Sneaky!
Oh, did Tiny model this pose for you? I've seen my sister's chubby cat sprawled out just like this.
Awwww, what a derpy little house griffon! All he wants is belly rubs!
Beaky is so adorable. :) I definitely am curious to see where this is all going.
While he is cute, I think you may be missing a point here. Jack Frost is powerful enough to create living creatures?!? It's either that, or he teleported Beaky from underhill, without a gate?
David Argall
There are alternatives to Jack being strong. There is a fey-royal agreement, which implies some way of communicating to say stuff like "you're cheating", "Am not"... A well-guarded gate would suit this need, and would allow visits by those of almost zero power. Beaky was not created. Rather it existed as with any fey creature and was selected for this duty, possibly by irritating the queen, but not enough to be included in the Hell tithe, possibly by being intended as a spy of some sort. It was kept in some sort of "box" out of our sight [and likely out of the queen's sight as well. The fey do have a weakness for the dramatic flourish.] quite possibly to keep it out of mischief and not to bother its betters.