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Issue 24 - Page 22

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Sure, Puck, you just wanted to play matchmaker. We believe you...

There will be two CN:H pages next week so we can bring this issue to a close. Thanks guys!

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Comments [11]:

Interesting twist not that I trust those motives as nobles and decent as they sound
I certainly don't trust what he says about reuniting Mori and Spooky, but he definitely wants Mori to enter fey. I'm not sure exactly how it fits into his plan, but it's been established that Moraine entering fey would be seen as a declaration of war. Perhaps he believes completely destabilizing the Courts would somehow allow him to break free of them?
Puck nobody even has to look at you to see the cogs turning in your head; we can hear them from across the bar.
So, Puck ships Mori and Spooky
By now the Fey courts really should stop trusting Puck. He's practically Snidely Whiplash at this point. All he needs to say at this point is, "My plans are finally coming to fruition, Keheheheh!" ^^
Anyone think that cup-stain on the table looks a bit like Ouroboros? (Maybe with a fin or something?)
Iron Ed
Ouroboros eating a slice of pie held up on his own tail! :-)
Spindizzy Wizard
Anyone get the idea that Puck is getting desperate? His original plan to gather enough energy was to get control of Mori. Spooky spoked those tires pretty well. Now he tries to get her into Fey again, and fails again, AND gets in trouble with both courts. I'd say he's looking into the bottom of a bottle trying to find courage... Rots'a'ruck'Puck.
KC Jones.II
Puck, dear fiend. Hath not Loki taught thou anything dear trickster? Or perhaps Shakespeare's own ode to you hath naught yet reached thy ear. Truly, the play is the thing. To neither a fox nor coyote are thou even a challenge. But for laughter's sake, play on dear Puck, play on.
Merchant of Pain
Look at that last panel. Puck's face is definitely a trustworthy one...
That first panel made me think of Monty Python.