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Diplomacy is hard. Diplomacy with magic is harder.

What would happen if one day all the myths and stories returned? That was London sixty years ago when, during one of the darkest nights of World War II, a certain stained glass seal broke and the old magic, locked away since the Norman invasion, returned.

Sixty years later, a small agency buried deep in Britain's bureaucracy faces two tasks. The first, keep the old ways and older creatures from gaining ground too quickly. The second, stop a populace just starting to regain their abilities with magic from destroying themselves. Welcome to RCSI.


Maximillian (Hunter) McConnor
Max had a rocky start at the agency due to his insubordinate attitude. After an embarrassing run-in with Queen Moraine during his assistant-ship, he was shipped off to Brumborg for a year's worth of training. While less insubordinate after his stint in Brumborg, Max still questions and acts on his own motives. He's just learned to keep his thoughts, for the most part, to himself.

Max rarely talks about his family, preferring to change the subject if possible. What is known by others in the agency is that he and his father do not get along and that his family is believed to be well-to-do.

Rubella (Gypsy) Pyrenees
Ruby is currently an assistant, an agent-in-training. An opinionated woman with a love of firearms and a dislike of pushy men, Ruby had a hard start at RCSI. She's is a fiercely independent woman with a boisterous sense of humor and a past she prefers to keep hidden.

She's interested in following in the footprints of both her grandfather, Michael Pyrenees, and her father, Joshua.


Cedric al'Kellis al'Gera
Lord Cedric was the previous head of the Astorian Mage Academy. He is very against the treaty with Britain for political, as well as personal, reasons. His xenophobia against Britain is well known within the Astorian court and is believed by many to stem from a series of events that happened in the 1970's between him and Joshua Pyrenees. He is originally of House al'Kellis and is related to Queen Raewyn by marriage.

Gadel (Del) al'Gera
Lady Gadel is a young mage who has just recently graduated from the Astorian Mage Academy. When RCSI requested a mage as part of the trade agreement treaty, Gadel was the one appointed to journey to Britain. While friendly to those her rank and up, she has a tendency to be a little aloof around others. Her closest friend seems to be a young woman named Wynnie, though rumors at court hint at something more than friendship between the two women.

Not much is known about this fellow aside from the fact that he's a very high ranking member of the Winter Court and, due to an unfortunate encounter, has a grudge against Max McConnor.

Jacob (Spooky) Roderick
Jacob Roderick was the founder of RCSI as well as its first commander. It was through Roderick's actions that the influx of magic during the 1940's was recognized as a real event, and not an imaginary bi-product of the stress of the war. Roderick was also responsible for securing financial support from the Crown. He was rumored to have had more than a passing interest in Princess Moraine.

Despite being missing since 1948, letters signed "Spooky" still show up on occasion. While code names are occasionally reused, names of agents missing in action or who have died in the line of duty are not. There has only been one Spooky in RCSI's history.

Kenneth (CB) Boothroyd
Commander Boothroyd, known by many in the agency as simply CB, is a former field agent who's held the position of commander for a number of years now. Boothroyd walks with a limp due to a previous field related injury to his left leg. While getting on in years, he is not interested in retiring any time soon and treats any suggestions of slowing down with derision.

Loretta (Doodle) Evans
Doodle, as most in RCSI call her, is working as an intern in the agency's Tech Department. Due to her optimistic nature and her unwillingness to take 'no' for an answer, the Commander gave her the assignment of helping Gadel get use to the modern world. She has a pet rooster named Mr. Cluckinstein.

Moraine Mousira
Moraine is the current Queen of Britain and the funder of RCSI. While technically the head of RCSI, in reality this is impractical due to her numerous other duties. As a result, she leaves the majority of the control over the agency to the Commander. Still, she takes a special interest in the agency and keeps involved in all its affairs. She is also the one responsible for appointing people to the positions of Commander, Head of Archives, and Royal Guardian. It is not unusual to see Her Majesty about in the agency's halls or to hear her being a little less formal around the members of RCSI, who she sees as "my people."

While having little sway over the day-to-day running of the country, she is seen as the complete ruler of the magical realm of the United Kingdom, many members of which do not recognize Parliament as a legitimate leader. Her Majesty is reputed to be warm towards many world leaders, though she has been heard on occasion to refer to the Astorian queen, Raewyn al'Melis al'Gera, as "that bloody, blinkered bint!"

Rashanna al'Melis al'Gera
Rashanna is the current head of the Astorian Mage Academy, having taken over the position after Lord Cedric stepped down. A social climber, she's been engaged in an ongoing political game against Lord Cedric for a number of years. An aggressive woman, her actions leave many in Court wondering if her only reason for supporting the treaty is because Lord Cedric does not.

Originally of House al'Melis, she married into the Royal House of al'Gera as a political tie, only to have her husband die from unknown causes soon after their union.

Wynnifred (Wynnie) Laisah
Wynnifred is a young woman who was once enrolled at the Mage Academy. While previously a member of a minor noble house, Wynnie was born a peasant. When she started to show a talent for magic at the age of seven, she was taken from her parents and adopted by House Laisah. Because of her heritage, Wynnie was not welcome by many of the young ladies at court. A quiet, withdrawn woman, Wynnie is devoted to Gadel al'Gera and was deeply upset by the idea of her close friend leaving for Britain. She was also worried about what would happen to her once Gadel left. Rumors at court hint at something more than friendship between the two women.

Her fear over loosing Gadel lead her to become the Dark Mage, an alias Wynnifred took while attempting to stop treaty negotiations between Britain and Astoria. Desperate to prevent Gadel from leaving, Wynnie was willing to destroy anyone who got in her way. Wynnifred's actions as the Dark Mage led to her being stripped of her rank and magic.


Darc Sowers - artist, writer
Darc is a trained researcher and librarian, holding her MLS degree from The University of Iowa. She's the artist and primary writer behind 'Code Name: Hunter'. In March of 2007 she left her library job to pursue art full time. Her interests include Medieval history, copyright law, classic literature (especially Charles Dickens), psychology, and forensic science.

Matt Sowers - writer
Matt started life as an electrical engineer but, due to sanity issues, settled into a career as a computer programmer. His diseased brain is responsible for a majority of the plot and story work in the comic, although if you confront him over it, he'll lie. When he's not plotting world domination he dabbles in game design and web hosting.